Adult Schools Locations & Schedules

RHE is managed and staffed on a year round basis by a team of experienced professionals from hockey, supported by other individuals hired for specific program related skills. RHE has been teaching adult hockey schools since 1989 with thousands of successful students. We are a full-time hockey business that specializes only in hockey programming.


RHE has experienced instructors that will make playing adult hockey fun while also providing yourself a very good workout.

All of our clinics are open to both Men and Women of all skill levels! A typical class consists of a 5-minute stretch & approximately 45 minutes of hockey & skating drills.

Whether you can only stop one way or can't skate backwards or haven't skated in 15 years or just a plain old beginner, the biggest factor is the decision to join a program like this. Through constant repetitive powerskating & hockey drills, you will dramatically improve no matter what skill level you are.

Another benefit is the ability to play with other adults that are of equal or similar skill levels. Don't be embarrassed because you can't stop, because there most likely will be others just like you. Taking an adult hockey school is a great start to playing hockey for many years to come. There are also many players that take these schools in addition to their league play.

Whatever the case, in adult hockey schools you work on your fundamentals of skating, shooting, passing, and team play. Never will you have to feel stressed because you made a mistake trying to pass someone a puck, but missed.


A 21-week session will focus on individual skill development including: Power Skating, Shooting, Puck Handling, Passing, Deking and Backwards Skating. Constant repetitive drills in a fun, organized manner, which will force any player to improve!

RHE is conducting these classes twice per year in 21-week sessions. Depending on students returning ratios, further instruction can include breakouts, power plays, penalty killing situations ,etc. NOTE: ALL 1-HOUR CLASSES INCLUDE A 10-MINUTE FLOOD.

Click on the respective location for full schedule information:


Location Arena Costs & Sessions Summer Start Date Summer Times
South Fletcher's $445 for 21 Sessions April 15, 2018 Sunday Nights 9:00 PM
Mainway Arena $445 for 21 Sessions April 12, 2018 Friday Mornings 6:30 AM
Milton Sports Centre $445 for 21 Sessions April 15, 2018 Sunday Nights 8:00 PM

WINTER 2018/2019

Location Arena Costs & Sessions Winter Start Date Winter Times
South Fletcher's $455 for 21 Sessions October 15 2018 8:30 PM
Richmond Hill
Bond Lake $455 for 21 sessions November 5 2018 7:00 PM
Milton Sports Centre $455 for 21 Sessions October 21 2018` 8:00 PM